City Government

Prophetstown City Council Seeks Grants

Mayor Steve Swanson told the Council that he had received an estimate from the engineering firm of Willett and Hoffman to reconstruct the sidewalk from Third Street to the Riverside Motel for $82,000.

Lyndon Council Addresses Water Bills

Public Works Director John Wright said most of the residents provided proof of a leak with repair bills, or validated a leak himself. Several of the bills were then adjusted accordingly.

Another House Down

The house at 204 East Second Street was demolished on Tuesday morning by Kullerstrand Excavating from Lyndon.

Special Fire District Meeting Scheduled

The Prophetstown Fire Protection District's Board of Trustees will hold a special meeting on Tuesday, September 5 at 7:00 p,m

Lyndon Makes Repairs

Lincoln To Become One-Way

After a twenty-minute discussion it was decided to make Lincoln Street, which parallels the back of the school, a one-way street going west bound.

Lyndon Trustees Amend Noise Ordinance

Local musician Brian Wilson addressed the council saying he felt the change would limit the monetary income for Lyndon. Three other residents also told the council they were disappointed with the decision.

Prophetstown Amends Vendor Ordinance

The Council adopted changes to its recently passed ordinance concerning peddlers of food, beverage, and other goods.

Lyndon Resticts Outdoor Music

Changes that were made to the noise ordinance include limiting outdoor music to three events per year per requester, a $25 permit fee, with an exemption for the Lyndon Bridge Bash. Mayor Doug Dunlap said waivers will be considered. The motion was passed unanimously.

Demo Done

The two house, one recently given to the city, sat side-by-side across from the Henry C. Adams Memorial Library.

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