Whiteside County Fair Welcomes Poultry Again

Poultry or “Backyard Chickens” is a growing hobby. The cities and towns are allowing a few hens and fun supplies including chicks that are readily available

PLT FFA Is Stylin'

Farm communities are familiar with the dark blue coats that are worn by members of FFA.  The jackets are emblazoned with the FFA symbol and the name of the chapter and on the front the members name.  In a sense, it is the official uniform of the organization

FFA Banquet (photos)

The PLT FFA Chapter held it annual banquet on Sunday afternoon in the high school gym. A potluck lunch was enjoyed followed by an awards program.

Tractor Blessing This Saturday

Tampico Historical Society Receives Gift

During the monthly Tampico Area Historical Society meeting President Duane Thompson  presented a $2,500 check from the Monsanto "America's Farmers Grow Your Communities" to the society.

 Annual Tractor Blessing

The Leon and Fenton United Methodist Churches will be holding their annual blessing of the tractors at the Gail Goodell farm on Saturday,  April 14th.

Birkey's Holds Open House (photos)

Birkey's Farm Store in Prophetstown held its annual Open House on Wednesday.  The event was attended by hundreds of area customers who were treated to a pancake and sausage meal.

Upcoming Land Auction

Sterling Land Company will be holding an auction of the Kleora Roth Farm

Nominations Needed For Prophetstown Fire Protection District

Each year, farmers risk their lives when they enter large grain bins to remove clumped or rotting grain while machinery is still running. Much like quicksand, flowing grain can bury a worker within seconds.

Fireman Battle Blaze In Sub-Zero Weather

Saturday night the Prophetstown Fire Protection District was called out to a structure fire on the Jim and Lois King farm on Highway 78 just south of Prophetstown.

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