The Public’s Voice

Parade Thank You

Wow, what a great turnout for the Christmas Parade! I think we had a record number of entries and spectators and the weather was perfect for the event!

OPINION All-Sports Co-op – A Better Alternative

I am Gerry Halpin, a CPA here in town. I served 14 years on the PLT#3 school board, including 5 years as president.

Sad Weekend

No On Jacobs

First of all I want you all to know I for one will be so glad when this is over! I have been a part of the Prophetstown Fire Protection District family for over 29 years and I haven’t seen anything that has divided an organization as much as this has. It is very disappointing to see and hear some of the things that are being said. Personal feelings have no business in politics. This is not to endorse any one candidate. I just think everyone should know some of the things I think about.

Support For Armstrong

I am writing on behalf of Lyle Armstrong who is a candidate for Fire Trustee of Prophetstown’s Fire Protection District. It has been my great pleasure to know Lyle over the past 6 years as a fireman, friend and as an extremely personable man. In my experience, Lyle is dependable, likable, loyal, honest, enthusiastic and realistic in his expectations.

Crady and Pope; Check The Taxes

In regards to the letter, everything in last week's letter by Keith and Julie are facts and not slanderous. Together we have worked for the PFPD for many years. Keith for 33 yrs and Julie for 18 yrs. We've never had problems like this before. We have been trustworthy and truthful to the citizens of the district and have devoted many hours of our time for the betterment of the district.