Another House Down

00:00 AM September 05, 2017

A third home that was on Prophetstown's condemnation list has been razed.  The house at 204 East Second Street was demolished on Tuesday morning by Kullerstrand Excavating from Lyndon.


The property was recently sold to Larry Voss of Prophetstown who had it knocked down.  He has no immediate plans for the property.



The house had been abandoned for several years and had become a sanctuary for Feral Cats.

Tyson Kullerstrand makes quick work of
demolishing a house on 2nd Street
in Prophetstown.


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  • Steve Swanson:

    05 Sep 2017 15:42:00

    We are gaining

  • Gyl:

    05 Sep 2017 21:24:00

    Are Ferrell cats a special breed? Lol. Gotta double check your spell check, Dan!

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