PPW’s Clint Morse works to repair a water main break on Dale Avenue assisted by Brian Strike on Sunday afternoon.

Frozen Water

December 31, 2017

If you were to think of things you would rather not be doing on a winter day with single digit cold, getting wet might be near the top of the list.


City public works crews had the unenviable task of fixing a
water main break in single digit cold.

The Prophetstown Public Works Department had to do just that as they were called out around 7:30 Sunday morning to repair a water line break on Dale Avenue.  The break occurred were a service line taps into the water main, which according to Public Works Director Brian Strike, made the repair much more difficult.


The crew had to dig a hole about 10 feet deep and 6 feet across to access the break.  The cold also slowed the repair process.  The crew was still on the scene as of 5:00 p.m., but appeared to be close to finishing the repair.


The leak was able to be repaired without shutting down the water, so no boil order is necessary.

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