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March Of Champions (Graduates) At PES

The pinnacle of the event is celebrated as the students line the hallway and cheer and receive high-fives from the graduates as they make their grand walk. 

State Park Closed; River Rising Rapidly

Prophetstown State Park will closing this afternoon and all campers have been asked to leave as the Rock River is predicted to rise almost 5 feet in the next twenty-four hours.

Panthers Qualify Relay Plus 3 (video)

The 4x800 team of Chris Link, Max Weidel, Ben DeNeve and Tyler Holldorf clocked the 10th fastest time among the 12 qualifying team in 3:34.29.

PLT #3 Discusses Cost Saving Measures

Board President James Melton said the district is anticipating running a deficit budget next year for the second year in a row adding, that the board’s goal is to not run a deficit budget.

Prophet Post

The May edition of the Prophetstown High School's newspaper, "The Prophet Post" has been published.

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