Around Town

TC Mobile Pressure Wash Growing And Going

Citing the need for more room, owners Brad and Bridget Varnell will be moving all their operations just outside of Hooppole.

New Establishment In Tampico Opening Soon (photos)

The Break Room Pub-N-Grub will serve lunch and dinner along with having a fully stocked bar.

Flooded With Deer (video)

The deer have been forced to higher ground due to the flooding and apparently have found a location to their liking. 

78 Threatened Again

The Rock River is once again threatening Highway 78 between Prophetstown and Lyndon.

Century Celebration

Gladys Swanson of Prophetstown is turning 100!

Hwy. 78 Reopens (video)

IDOT crews began the work of scrapping ice from a half mile stretch of the road around 9:30 a.m. Wednesday.

Rural Roads; Blocks Of Ice (video)

The rising waters swept in large chunks of ice from the river, but the bigger problem was the freezing of the water on the roadways. 

Epic Kate Loves What She Does

Aroundptown had the privilege of meeting Kate recently, at her request, to discuss why she does, what she does.

CGH Announces Temporary Visitor Restrictions During Influenza Season

CGH Medical Center is implementing temporary visitor restrictions effective immediately.

Business Directory Linked

The directory has listings of Prophetstown businesses in alphabetical order and by category. 

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