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Prophetstown Public Works employees (l-r)Clint Morse, Tyler Chriest, and Donnie Jensen pour concrete for a new stretch of city sidewalk.

A Nice Feat For The Feet

00:00 AM October 04, 2017

Walking has always been a popular activity, especially in the nice weather seasons.  One thing that makes a walk more enjoyable is being able to just walk, without having to worry about tripping on uneven or broken concrete.
 A freshly poured sidewalk just waiting
for a hand print and initials.


Prophetstown Public Works Director Brian Strike decided to take on a project this summer to improve as much city sidewalk as possible.  Over the past few months the department has completed 1,220 feet of sidewalk, 150 feet of curb, and 250 feet of driveway entries. That’s a total of 1,620 feet using only 81 yards of concrete.
The results have been fabulous and very well received by the public.  Tree roots, weather, and of course age all play into the deterioration of the thousands of feet of walkways in Prophetstown.  Strike says, "This is the most I’ve done since taking over as director."



He uses a rating system to determine what gets priority when it comes to repairs. "I have a list of all the sidewalk in town and its categorized by 1, 2, and 3 with 1 needing a major repair and 3 as minor repair."  He added that the department will be doing some every year and also hopes to resurrect the curb and gutter program that the department used to do.

A new driveway entry at the United
Methodist Church was one of several sidewalk
projects completed over the summer.

Each summer the crew would pick a few block stretch of a city street for complete renovation taking it down to gravel and then rebuilding it.  The result was a much better street and done with little if any outside contractors. .


So, the next time you are out for a leisurely stroll take a moment to admire the efforts put into the path you are following and appreciate the work that goes into maintaining the system and realize how lucky Prophetstown is to have it. 

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