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l-r Bradyn Abell, Grant Minssen, Hailey Mickelson, Clayton Johnson, Mack Foy, and Payton Gerlach all attended the National FFA Convention. Willie Cochran and Hunter Oleson, not pictured, also attended.

"A Sea Of Blue"

00:00 AM November 13, 2017

With the theme of, "I Can. We Will." eight members of the Prophetstown-Lyndon-Tampico FFA chapter along with their advisors, attended the national convention in Indianapolis for four days at the end of October. To help offset the cost of attending, the chapter fund raised throughout the year.


The national convention was held in Indianapolis and offered hundreds of activities for attendees. Mack Foy said one of his favorite takeaways was from one of the keynote speakers, Mick Ebeling, who said It is more important to commit to an idea and then work out the details as you go.

The PLT FFA Chapter poses at the convention 
center in Indianapolis. 


A typical day started with a chapter breakfast before heading off to the convention center. From there the group would attend workshops, field trips, concerts, award ceremonies, and listen to speakers. The day usually ended between 9:30 and 10.


One of the highlights was a trip to Fair Oaks Farms, which is an interactive farm that allows visitors to see the inner workings of a pork, milk, and crop production facility. We are not only committed to educating the public about modern farming efforts, but also to protecting the environment, caring for our animals and ensuring the highest quality products possible. Courtesy Fair Oaks Website. Chapter president Hailey Mickelson said she was amazed at the facility and how the interactive displays allow visitors to see the gestation process of swine.


Another highlight was the closing session on Friday, which featured speaker/magician John Petz and the FFA talent show. The students were also impressed with an area designated The FFA Way.


Over 67,000 members and guests were registered for the convention. The students were able to visit with hundreds of college and business representatives who were available to the students to answer questions about programs and products.


Grant Minssen said his favorite memory was leaving the convention center after a session and walking in a “sea of blue” as he called it, made up of FFA jackets. Advisor Sam Perschnick said the students were constantly chatting with members of other chapters, swapping names and ideas. The group connected with a chapter from Oregon who attended the same size school and participated in several of the same activities as the PLT chapter.


The local chapter has doubled in size in the last three years as advisors Sam Perschnick and Sara Conner continue to add new components to the program fueled by the fact that the agricultural industry is currently the largest and fastest growing industry in the United States. Another reason for the local chapter’s growth is the addition of an Ag club that was started last year at the middle school.


The group will give a report on their trip at the PLT #3 school board meeting at the end of the month.

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