Barajas," I want to bring the bakery here."

15:07 PM May 15, 2019

Restauranteur Dave Barajas spoke to the Prophetstown City Council at their monthly meeting on Tuesday night about the possibility of moving his Dave’s Coffee Cake factory to the city. Barajas purchased both Pizza Joe’s and Niccoli’s restaurants in March and April of last year and has expanded the menus at both. He also plans to physically expand Pizza Joe’s by adding a parking lot and outdoor seating.


Barajas’s coffee cakes are currently made in a facility in downtown Rock Falls near his La Familia Restaurant. Since purchasing the restaurants in Prophetstown Barajas has mentioned on several occasions how much he enjoys the town and the possibility of building a new facility for the coffee cake business in the city. There have been some informal discussions with members of the Council but there have been no serious negotiations to date.


In his remarks to the Council Barajas said, “I want to bring the bakery here if we can work it out.” The coffee cakes are shipped all over the United States and he has been churning out the product for the past 13 ½ years. Barajas said during the peak demand for his product during the year he employs up to 100 people in his current facility. One of the driving forces behind his desire to move the business is expansion. Presently the facility has very little room for operations and storage and he would like to build a new 16,000 ft.² factory.


Barajas said he is preparing a report for the city that will show the amount of business the factory does and how it could impact Prophetstown. One possible location for the factory would be on city owned property off Lyndon Road.


Mayor Steve Swanson responded to Barajas statements saying, “We would be tickled to death if we could get this worked out.” Swanson added that Barajas has done a great job with the two restaurants he has purchased. Barajas drove home the fact that he would be the sole negotiator in the decision on where to move the business and that his three sons, who are part of his businesses, will support whatever he decides.


Barajas has said in the past that he has had other suitors who are also interested in landing the new facility. The two sides hope to meet in the near future to begin serious discussions.



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