Board Decides Co-op Game Sites

00:00 AM December 16, 2017

Editors Note: This story was updated after posting to reflect the fact that only financial and personnel decisions made by the Co-op Board of Control must be approved by the Erie and PLT#3 School boards. regrets the misinformation.


Meeting for the first time since both the PLT #3 and Erie school boards approved co-oping all sports, the Co-op board of control began the process of making decisions about hiring coaches and where various sports will be played.


After a lengthy discussion on where golf practices and meets would be held, the consensus was to use Prophet Hills in Prophetstown and Lake Erie in Erie. The two courses would have to be contacted and discussions held to see if they are amenable to hosting practices and meets. The final decision on which team, boys or girls, will play where, will be determined by the coaches and the board. (UPDATE)- Deer Grove will also be considered as a home course.


Volleyball will switch locations halfway through the season beginning at the school opposite of where the first home football games are played.


The board decided that basketball will be split between the schools. The first-year, girls’ basketball will practice and play in Prophetstown and boys will practice and play in Erie. The following year the teams will switch locations. Athletic directors Brian Howell and Angie Glassburn suggested that part of the Erie Warkins Classic Tournament could be played in Prophetstown and that home games in Prophetstown may be played in the middle school gym, which has a larger seating capacity than the high school.


Marching band will be based in Prophetstown as scholastic bowl will alternate locations.


The location of currently co-oped sports were also discussed and it was decided to keep football practices in Erie and splitting home games between the two schools. Wrestling will remain based in the Erie with the possibility of moving some meets at a later time.


The board discussed the hiring timeframe for head coaching positions for the newly co-oped sports. The teachers’ unions call for a 10-day internal posting of any position in the school districts. It was decided that positions which would include volleyball, boys’ basketball, girls’ basketball, boys’ golf, and girls’ golf would be posted January 1 on local websites and newspapers. The group hopes to be able to start reviewing applications during their January 10 meeting.


Hiring time table:

January – Post the head coaching positions and conduct interviews

February – Board of Control approves the new head coaches and the school boards vote on new head coaches

March – Post the assistant coaching positions and conduct interviews

April – Board of Control approves the new assistant coaches and the school boards vote on new assistant coaches


The board approved a vision statement, which also included goals to attain the vision. The goals included; seamless infrastructure, equitable allocation of resources, increased community engagement, and promoting the new co-op.


A budget for the co-op was also discussed along with the purchasing of new uniforms. It was decided that uniforms will be discussed at the January meeting. Each district will also submit its receipts and expenses for the fall sports to be reconciled by each district’s athletic directors. It was hoped that an initial budget would begin to take shape at the January meeting.


For IHSA purposes the board had to determine a lead school in every sport. The term “lead school”, merely means which schools’ athletic director will be in charge of logistics for that sport. Erie’s athletic director, Brian Howell, will take the lead in football, fall dance and cheer, golf, wrestling, track, and girls’ basketball. Prophetstown’s athletic director, Angela Glassburn, will take the lead in cross country, volleyball, winter dance and cheer, baseball, softball, and boys' basketball.


A survey, which would poll students on their interest in other sports or activities they would like to see offered by the co-op will be created and presented at the January meeting for approval. Howell suggested that new sports or activities be initiated as a club, so that administrators can focus on the first year of the new co-op sports. By designating new activities as clubs, the co-op will be able to monitor interest and adopt them as official co-op activities in the future.


The next board of control meeting is scheduled for Wednesday, January 10 at 5:30 in Prophetstown.


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