City Adopts Ordinance To Raise Water Rates

00:00 AM April 16, 2018

The Prophetstown City Council made a rate increase official at their April meeting by adopting the ordinance it had discussed last month to increase the water rate by two dollars for the first 1,000 gallons of usage for city residents. That would move the cost for the first 1,000 gallons to $12.33. An average househld uses about 3,000 gallons per month. After 1,000 gallons, the rate will be $1.50 / 1,000 gallons. The increase will be used to help offset the cost of the city’s new water plant. The current five-dollar surcharge on city utility bills designated for sewer repairs will be changed with those funds now being earmarked for the water plant as well.


Property Discussions


The Council entered executive session to discuss the purchase and release of property. After reconvening it was announced that Council had given Mayor Swanson power to offer a bid on the property located at 334 Washington Street.


City Attorney Tim Zollinger gave the Council an update on a property located at 350 Washington Street owned by Shane Williams. The city is moving forward with a demolition process. Williams was unable to be served with the notice in person which required city to use the publication process of notification to fulfill its obligation. Zollinger will now file for the demolition order and anticipates the city receiving the title to the property if no payment is made by Williams for the demolition.


Zollinger also told the Council that survey of Jon Hinton’s property located on High Street Is in process. The city will vacate an alley located on the property and redefine boundaries involving the state park and Riverside Cemetery.


Mayor Swanson announced Neil Oppendike would like to develop his property on Doering Lane on the western side of Prophetstown. The plan is to build eight, one and two-bedroom houses. He will appear before the Council in the future with specific plans. No action was taken.


Around Town

Victorian Grace Antiques owner Les Wilson addressed the Council to remind them of his upcoming "Spring Fling" event on May 19. He currently has 30 vendors signed up to participate and asked the city to close Third Street in front of his residence as it has done in past years during the event.


Mayor Swanson announced that the new solar powered flashing school zone lights have been installed on W. 3rd Street in front of Prophetstown Elementary and the PLT Middle School. They are programed to run on school days only.


The library reported that Deb Schroeder is retiring as of April 15 and a replacement is being sought. The library will host their annual farm camp from June 18th-22nd.


Department Reports


The public works department has asked Council to approve the purchase of a trench box to be used when crews are digging to repair water leaks or installing new utility lines. The box is set in the hole after it has been dug and before workers begin their work to help prevent cave-ins. No action was taken.


The updating of the city’s ordinance book is close to completion. The updated version will then be approved by the Council. Once it is adopted it will be available to the public online.



City Department Reports


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