City Signs Agreement For New Water Plant

12:40 PM May 11, 2018

The Prophetstown City Council approved an agreement with Willett Hofmann & Associates engineering firm to construct a new well and water treatment facility.  The firm has worked on several city projetcs including the updating of the water treatment plant.  No construction date has been determined.


Public Comment

Prophetstown Elementary school principal Justin Hovey asked for permission close Lincoln Street for a few days sometime in late July to allow construction crews to assemble and install a pavilion on the playground. Residents will be allowed access on the one-way street.


Shelli Eng, an Erie resident also known locally as The Bread Lady, spoke to the Council and asked for their support in getting the Whiteside County Board to adopt the Home Kitchen Act which was signed into state law in 2014. The law allows home bakers to earn up to $1000 per month by selling baked items. Eng had operated from her home until the county shut her down on March 18th. She is also attempting to get the state’s attorney general to look into the matter to see if the law could be changed so that the act would not have to be adopted by each county.

This is photo of the break at the Melton pool. 
This a view down showing the corner of the pool
where the water line ruptured.


Resident James Melton spoke to the board about possible reimbursement for damage done to his swimming pool by a broken water main during the winter. It was discovered that the water main did not run on the easement as it should have but runs approximately 5 feet onto Melton’s property. The city’s insurance initially declined the claim.

Mayor Steve Swanson said in his opinion the city is at fault since the water main was not laid where it should have been. City Atty. Tim Zollinger said he would check with the city’s insurance company to see if something can be resolved. The city is planning on moving the line to its proper location.


Council Action

  • Approved a preliminary appropriations budget and set a public hearing to be held prior to the next council meeting.
  • Approved the rezoning of the Prophetstown fire department building to R-1 special use.
  • Agreed to adopt and sign an agreement with Willett Hofmann & Associates engineering firm to construct a new well and water treatment facility.
  • Took no action on a request from the Prophetstown Historical Society for TIF funds to help subsidize repairs to the exterior of the building located at the corner of Washington and third Street. The group had asked for $25,000. Zollinger requested more time to study the request to see if the organization meets the criteria for the funds. The building has had several issues with parts of the façade falling the sidewalk.
    The Prophetstown Historical Society is seeking TIF
    money to help with repairs to the exterior of their building.


  • Heard from the mayor that an offer to purchase the building at 314 Washington St. was declined.
  • Approved a request from Prophetstown Main Street for the annual donation of $5,000.
  • Approved an amendment to the state-wide cable franchise agreement which, will allow the city to continue to receive a fee from cable customers.
  • Were informed that they have the right to comment on any solar farm installations that are built within 1.5 miles of the city limits. If the Council is opposed to the installation the Whiteside County board would be required to approve the installation by a three fourths vote.
  • Approved a new a new municipal electrical aggregation agreement with Nordic Energy Services. The agreement goes into effect July and will run for September 2021 with the rate of .0713 cents per kilowatt hour.
  • Approved Saturday, May 19 is the beginning of cleanup days. Four large dumpsters will be located at the city garage and will be available until they are each loaded twice. Mayor Swanson reminded everyone this is a free service provided to city residents only and will continue if is not abused.
  • Signed a proclamation declaring June 2nd as Relay For Life Day in Prophetstown.


Public Works Department


The house located at 510 Washington St. is ready for demolition. Bids will be let in the near future.


A reminder that third Street in front of the Prophetstown Elementary school the close to traffic on Thursday, May 24 during school hours for the end of the year carnival.

April Public Works Report


Police Department

Police chief Bruce Franks reminded the public that it is a city ordinance violation to blow lawn clippings into the street as it can clog storm drains and creates a hazard for bicycles and motorcycles.


A reminder that Tuesdays and Saturdays are suggested burning days in the city.


April Police Report

Main Street


Asked for a contribution from the city in terms of material to paint the unkept buildings along Railroad Street across from Eclipse Square Memorial Park. Swanson told MainStreet Executive Director Tara Pyse that city would furnish the paint if she received permission from the property owners paint the buildings.


Councilman Josh Hovey suggested that Christmas parade organizers consider using cinderblocks and 2 x 12’s to line the parade route to prevent spectators from encroaching on the parade route.


Mayor’s comment

Mayor admonished city workers and told them to stay off social media during work hours.


The next city Council meeting is scheduled for Tuesday, June 12 at 7 PM.


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