Cragels Has New Owners

07:58 AM January 02, 2019

A friendship that began at a Masons Lodge in Byron, Illinois and led to a business partnership and has found its way to Prophetstown. Josiah Henson 33, and Corbin Anderson 48, officially become the new owners of Cragel’s sports bar today.


The business partners have a wide variety of interests and wanted to continue to diversify and saw Cragel’s as a great opportunity. Henson said, “I was working for a global technology consulting firm and got laid off and I decided I wanted to put my life in my own hands.”


Henson has had some experience in the entertainment and food industry, but this will be the partnerships first venture into the bar business. Ironically, neither one of the new owners drink alcohol. Henson, a Sterling High School graduate, prides himself on being easy-going and able to strike up a conversation with anyone, and is anxious to get to know the clientele.

Craig and Kelly Hagel have owned the
business for the past 5 years.


The partners have some plans for changes to the business over time with the largest involving adding food to the establishment. The hope is to use the space currently occupied by the former Dave’s Barbershop to create a restaurant area and a separate gaming room within a year. “We would like to get a good delivery service in town, something the people will want from a limited menu featuring quality items,” said Henson.


While some things will change, several will remain the same including the weekly leagues that include pool, and piks. “We would like to add a new dart league which will feature a dartboard with cameras that will allow players to compete remotely,” added Henson. There are also plans to add a Queen of Hearts Raffle.


Henson and Anderson are also developing properties in Mount Morris and the Sterling, Rock Falls area. Henson has other interests too including a custom woodworking shop and hosts ghost tours at Conover Square in Oregon.


Cragel's had been owned by the same family for over a century with the current owners Kelly and Craig Hagel purchasing the bar in 2013. The couple did extensive renovations and updates including large screen televisions, gaming, and live music.







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  • Sharon Lindahl:

    03 Jan 2019 09:43:00

    Good luck, Kelly and Craig!

  • Bo Wiersema:

    04 Jan 2019 07:09:00

    Kelly and Gragel,
    Congrats, sit down ,reflect ,and write yourselves a letter.
    Dear Liver ,Thanks for putting up with us this long.
    Love you guys, enjoy your freedom and each other. Life is too short as I recently found out.

  • Josiah L Henson:

    07 Jan 2019 00:02:00

    This was a wonderful write-up!
    We look forward to serving the community of Prophetstown and surrounding areas!
    -Josiah L. Henson

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