This mural depicting the maturing ball player is a new addition to the Tampico ball diamonds.

Diamond Gets Bud(s) (photos)

15:15 PM May 13, 2018

Photos courtesy Cindy Slock and Kris Hill


The Tampico ball diamonds are the recipient of a mural created by Prophetstown's Bud Thompson.


The mural is part of the on-going improvements to the facility in recent weeks.  Visitors to the diamonds will be greeted by the work as they walk into the facility, which was painted on the side of the concession stand. Thompson has works displayed in several area towns.


Girl Scout Troop # 253 also has been working to beautify the diamonds by planting flowers in the flower boxes that surround the main pavilion. They added flowers around the scoreboard as well.



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  • Joan Johnson:

    14 May 2018 09:29:00

    The Ball Diamonds have been an integral part of the community for many years. Thanks to the Centennial funds in 1975 which helped get the first lights and the many years of dedicated volunteers who have kept the program going. Great to see it living on. Congratulations to all. Bud’s super mural is a great addition!

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