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The staff of “The Tiger Tribune” (l-r) Chloe Slock, Jakob Brooks, Gaige Kincaid, Nevaeh Mcelhiney, Rowyn Mix, Molly Kitsmiller, Blake Geuns

Elementary Journalists

00:00 AM January 30, 2018


It took a while, as most first-time projects do, but if you ask the writers of the new PLT Elementary School newspapers, it was worth the wait. They recently completed the first editions of the “The Tiger Tribune” and “The Prophet Pride.”


Elementary Technology Teacher, Brooke Anselmi, started the project in September although the idea had originally come up during the prior school year, but scheduling was an issue. During this past summer she sat down with both elementary principals and worked out a time for a newspaper club.


The staff of "The Prophet Pride" (Back l-r) - Maddi Porter, Sarah Link, Lily Sharp, Derek Naftzger,
Wynn Renkes,and Kayler Pritchard(Front l-r) - Jesse DeNeve, Alex Ottens,Tristan Hovey, 
Ellah Brooks, Maddox Mix, and Lillian Retherford.  


The kids got their first glimpse of the final product the week they returned from winter break. “I went down to their classrooms and gave them each a copy and then they distributed the paper to the rest of the school’s classrooms," said Anselmi.


“I thought it turned out really nice and it was cute watching them get really excited about it.” “They really had to work at writing and proofreading the articles, making sure the information was correct,” added the teacher.


The Tampico club is made up of seven 5th graders who meet once a week on Thursday for about 20 minutes before the end of school. They have to do a lot of work on their own. Teachers picked the students to participate in the activity, which is an enrichment to their usual coursework.


The first edition of the Tampico paper contained articles including: “Thanksgiving Football Facts” by Blake Geuns, “How To Make Your Cat Happy” by Rowyn Mix, and “Spreading Holiday Cheer Through The Lighted Christmas Parade” by Molly Kitsmiller.


Talking about their accomplishment the group agreed that it was pretty neat that the entire school got to read their work. “The hardest part was looking up the facts,” said Blake Geuns. Molly Kitsmiller added, ”Having to get the story in on time was hard.”


The papers are posted on the elementary school Facebook pages.


The newspapers are being put to good use with Anselmi having students read them from the computers during her computer classes. She said the students loved reading the articles.


There was one slight problem which was pointed out by Tampico Elementary teacher, Teri Schlindwein who said she had been “misquoted” in the article profiling her, ahead of her retirement at the end of the school year. “She was joking with the kids saying you can’t trust the press,” said Anselmi.


The PES edition of the paper was written by a dozen 3rd graders. The group had to fill out an application and submit a writing sample. In making a decision on who would work on the project Anselmi said, “Their stories were all so adorable I took them all,”


Articles in the “Prophet Pride” included a story about Bullying by Lily Sharp and Sarah Link, a book review by Ellah Brooks, “Jokes and Riddles” by Alex Ottens, and a survey on “fake” Christmas trees by Wynn Renkes.

Maddie Porter wrote an article on how-to
make Christmas cookies.


Maddie Porter explained how to make Christmas Sugar cookies in her article. “It was Christmas time and I had to write a How-To article. My Mom helped me make them and then I just had to remember and write it down.”


Tristen Hovey wrote about his trip to watch the Michigan-Wisconsin football game. “I like Michigan, but they lost 21-10. It was pretty easy to do because I like to write, and my Dad took my picture.”


The PES group meets on Friday mornings before school for 20 minutes. Several of the young reporters said they liked getting in out of the cold to work on their articles and that they enjoy typing. They also agreed that is was “pretty cool” seeing everyone read their work.


The staff really enjoyed it and gave Anselmi and the students a lot of positive feedback. “I spent a lot of time formatting the paper to make it look very nice,” said Anselmi adding that the students will be doing much more of the layout of the next edition. The plan is to try and produce new editions every quarter.

(l-r) Sarah Link, Mrs. Brooke Anselmi, and Lily Sharp
of the Prophet Pride newspaper.

Several students did extensive research and Anselmi spoke to them about making sure their sources were credible. “I was worried about making sure they had correct facts and plagiarism, even though they would not do it intentionally.” They did a great job of putting everything in their own words.”


“I hope they learn a lot working on the paper, who knows, some of these kids may become writers now because of being in this club.” “They’re getting excited about the next one.”


You can read the newspapers at these links:Prophet Pride  Tiger Tribune

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