Fine Arts Night (video)

13:20 PM May 11, 2018

by Brittany Wunderlich, AP staff writer


Each year Prophetstown High School holds a Fine Arts Festival. This year the event took place Wednesday, May 9. The Fine Arts Festival has been around so long that none of the staff can remember exactly when it began.


Displayed at the event was artwork from high school and middle school students. Certain pieces of artwork were awarded with ribbons honoring first, second, and third place. Students painted, used pencils, and even did wood carving projects. Alyvia Hogge created a chess board out of wood, she received a second place ribbon for it. Leslie Sonnenberg created a painting of Jimi Hendrix which received an honorable mention ribbon. “It is great to be tested and awarded on how well our artwork is,” Sonnenberg explained.


There was also the Principal's Choice Award which was given to Stephanie Sandrock for her artwork piece titled “Savior.” This piece also received a first place ribbon.


The choir and band also performed at the Fine Arts Festival. Madison Fouts, a senior, and four year band member enjoyed her final Fine Arts Festival. “It was an emotional night, but it felt like a perfect ending.” During her four years Fouts stated that they have brought home six state trophies.


Several individual awards were handed out by band director Jane Davis and choir director Sara Naftzger.  The senior members of the two groups were also presented with the 3rd-Place IHSA  Sweepstakes Trophey in Class C.  The band also took 1st-place in the solo/ensemble competiton.


Choir Awards:

Four Year Musical- Stephanie Sandrock, Madison Fouts, Kaitlyn Kolling, Jasmine Haggard, Daniel Biba

Four Year Chorus- Madison Fouts, Kaitlyn Kolling, Owen Abell, Alex Abell

ILMEA Participant- Zakkary Pritchard

National School Choral Award- Kaitlyn Kolling


Band Awards:

"Our students work hard and are incredibly dedicated!  P-Practice + R-Responsibility + I-Intensity +D-Dedication + E-Enthusiasm = Champion," Jane davis.  



Prophet “PRIDE” Band Leadership Award:     Elexis Vickrey

Arion Award          Maddie Fouts

John Philip Sousa Award          Stephanie Sandrock

National Marching Band Award     Kaitlin Hanrahan

Louis Armstrong Jazz Award          Maddie Fouts

Woody Herman Jazz Award              Stephanie Sandrock

Patrick S. Gilmore Band Award             Grant Minssen

Quincy Jones Musicianship Award         Sean Sandrock

Prophet “PRIDE” Band   Most Improved Award:     Lucca Sweetser         Samantha Soleta

8th Grade Band Awards:     Sabrina Soleta             Nate Gallagher

PLTMS Director’s Award:

Musicianship:  Sarii Kochevar   Emma Megli

Merit: Ryan Roman , Liz Hinton , Aaron Raser  

Kiaya Thompson

Senior Awards:         Maddie Fouts         Stephanie Sandrock

Medals:   2018 IHSA Class C Music Solo-Ensemble  “STATE CHAMPIONS”  Prophet “PRIDE”  Band


Samantha Soleta     Sean Sandrock         Maddie Fouts          Stephanie Sandrock 

Kaitlin Hanrahan     Grant Minssen             Elexis Vickrey          Angel Paarmann

Sarii Kochevar          Emma Megli                 Kiaya Thompson      Sabrina Soleta

Aaron Raser              HollyAnn Huizenga         Elizabeth Hinton        Gracie Jordan

Nate Gallagher         Ryan Roman                  Heide Gallagher             Sydney Schwartz

Ethan Sikkema         Brooke Lalley                  Gabi Abell                      Owen Miller

Grace Scobee           Lucca Sweetser             Zakk Pritchard              Jon Jensen

Olivia Burleson           Joshua Smith              Skyler Paarmann          Kain Ketchum

The video includes highlights of the musical performances and the art displays.


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