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Fire District Expansion Downsized

00:00 AM November 21, 2017


After many months and meetings, the Prophetstown Fire Protection District appears to have everyone on board for the plans to expand the Prophetstown and Lyndon stations. During their November meeting the trustees and station and district representatives agreed to move forward with the latest plan.


Mike Phalen with Phalen Steel Construction Company, addressed the board with a revised plan that eliminated several of the original ideas for the expansion of both the Prophetstown and Lyndon stations.


Originally in 2015 the Prophetstown expansion was estimated to cost $850,000 with Lyndon costing $300,000. The Prophetstown project included a second floor with meeting rooms, offices, and living quarters for personnel. At the direction of the building committee Phalen was told to go back to the drawing board and try to get both projects designed for under $800,000 eliminating the second floor in Prophetstown and the extra bathrooms and extended room behind the proposed parking bay in Lyndon.


The revised estimate was $750,000 for Prophetstown and $175,000 for Lyndon. Phalen said that was the “bare bones dragging this thing down as hard and as tight as we think you are going to be able to pull this thing down.“ That would put the project at approximately $925,000. Phalen added the prices could change by 10% either way after the bids are let.

The Lyndon Fire Department will receive a new 36 foot
wide bay as part of the proposed station expansion plan.

One of the things eliminated in Lyndon was a new floor for the existing station along with new floor drains and roughed in bathroom plumbing. Lyndon is hoping they can receive grant money for that project. Lyndon would also need a new septic tank installed. They will still get their new 36’ wide bay.


The Prophetstown station will receive four new truck bays, two new bathrooms, a new radio room, a kitchen, and a meeting room. Parts of the current building will be converted to provide living quarters for ambulance personnel as well as office and storage space. The new plan also allows for future changes including adding offices for fire personnel. The board approved a motion for the Phalen Company to go forward with drawing up the new plans and letting bids for the work.


Chief Crady reported that the district did not receive a FEMA grant for new equipment.  He speculated that other applicants had older equipment. Crady did say that FEMA does offer building improvement grants and he will look into applying for one to pay for replacing in the existing floor at the Lyndon station. He will also check into reapplying for the equipment grant.


In other action the trustees voted to change insurance carriers after listening to a presentation by Wickert Insurance from Rock Falls. The move should save the district about $7,000 in the first year and get slightly better coverage.


Crady reported that the cost for Workman’s Compensation Insurance for the upcoming year dropped by almost $10,000. A grant associated with the coverage in the amount of $2,000 will be used to purchase new department pagers.


The district has been offered a house located at 219 Third Ave. East for training in Lyndon. The owner would like to have the department burn the house. Trustee Mike Fisk said he would seek the approval of the Lyndon Village government.


The district by-laws have been updated and will be printed and distributed.


District treasurer Karen Stewart reported that the district received a notice that the Illinois Dept. of Labor that says they have not received the district’s quarterly reports since March of 2015. Stewart said all the reports have been submitted, some several times. She is working to get the issued resolved.


The district’s next meeting scheduled for Monday, December 11 at 7:00 p.m.

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