Floating Easter Eggs At PPD (video/photos)

21:52 PM April 14, 2019

Prophetstown Park District Director Karyn Sommers-Buck and her staff decided to do something different this year for their annual Easter Egg Hunt.  Instead of putting their eggs on a football field they opted for the district pool.


Sommers-Buck said she had a heard of a few other districts trying the idea and decided to give it a try.  Hundreds of eggs were set free in the pool and collected by two different age groups.  The first group of 0-5 year olds gathered eggs in the shallow end of the pool with aid of an older sibling or adult.  After thirty minutes the kids dried off and traded their eggs in for random prizes and treats. A second group of 6-10 year olds then had their turn to grab the floating shells.


"With so many other hunts in the area, I thought trying an alternative might be fun," said the director.    






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