front (l-r) Rylee Zais, Allie Russell, Chloe Zais, Elle Slock, Kamryn Russell, Jaiden Zais, Chloe Slock back (l-r) Lee Newman Raven Newman, Cindy Slock, Riann Thomas, Denise Brooks, Gracelyn Abell

Girl Scouts Build Houses

00:00 AM December 12, 2017

Girl Scout Troop # 253 got into the construction business over the weekend as they produced a dozen gingerbread houses for the holidays including one very special design that was delivered to Winning Wheels in Prophetstown.


This Gingerbread house was decorated by the Girl Scouts
and delivered to Winning Wheels in Prophetstown.

The girls gathered at Tampico's General Trading Company and Uptown Market on Sunday afternoon to make their creations with the help of store manager Denise Brooks. The idea came from Brooks who thought it would be a great project for the girls.  She did the framing, which consisted of graham crackers and let the girls do the rest.


As part of a community project the girls also decorated a true gingerbread house that was delivered to Winning Wheels. Troop leader Cindy Slock said this was a first time project and the girls did a "wonderful job."


The troop is made up of 1 Daisy, 4 Brownies, 5 Juniors and 1 cadet.



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  • Ruth Thompson:

    12 Dec 2017 17:42:00

    What a great day for the girls. and thank you Denise for thinking of such a project.

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