Glory Days Memories Available (photos)

13:37 PM January 09, 2019

As the years pass mementos of days gone by tend to become a bit more important.  A snap shot from Christmas as small child, a ticket stub from a concert, or maybe note from a high school sweetheart.  Chances to acquire mementos like that don't come along often, but on Saturday, January 19th, former Prophet players and fans will have chance to purchase a memory on "Legacy Night." 


The Panther boys basketball team will be hosting Riverdale that night in Prophetstown.  From 4-7 p.m. several years worth of Prophet uniforms and accessories will be up for sale and raffle. Items include basketball and volleyball uniforms, warm-ups, golf bags, cheer uniforms and other swag.


The items will be on display in rooms off the commons area.  There are some never used items such as golf bags and warm ups along with dozens of uniforms.  Money from the sales will go to the athletic programs to purchase supplies and equipment.  This will be a last chance to grab some Prophet memorabilia, so you can relive those glory days one more time. 






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  • Liz Green:

    10 Jan 2019 09:34:00

    Ladies Prophet track jerseys and orange nylon sweats will be available as well. Trying to contact the ladies that wore them first but there will be many items for sale.

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