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Highway 78 Repairs

00:00 AM March 12, 2018

The ditch n the westside of Hwy 78 shows the result
of the removal of the washed out gravel from the 
road's shoulder.

Repairs on Hwy 78 between Prophetstown and Lyndon began on Monday.  The shoulders of the road were severely damaged during the flooding of the Rock River in February.


The gravel shoulder on the west side of the road was completely washed out by the flowing river water leaving a 2-3 foot drop off on much of the straight stretch of roadway,  The east side shoulder also received damage.


Civil Construction Company is doing the work , which included gathering the washed out gravel from the ditch and adding new rock to the shoulders. 


Workers compress the newly poured gravel on the west
side of highway 78 between Lyndon and Prophetstown.


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