Ice Parade (video)

14:52 PM March 11, 2019

After several weeks of ice jams on the Rock River causing major problems, it appears that several have finally broken loose and are headed downstream.


Several observers reported yesterday, that the jam between Lyndon and Prophetstown was beginning to show signs of breaking up.  Several large pieces of ice floated by the Prophetstown State Park in the late Sunday afternoon, and evidently the largest part of the jam passed through during the night as they were no reports of its movement, but it was gone by sunrise Monday.


Large chucks of ice continued to flow down the river throughout  Monday near Prophetstown with reports also coming from Erie and Dixon of ice moving down river. The volume and size of the ice chunks increased during the afternoon hours.


River levels in the area rose several feet in the past few days, due to snow melt and rain. They are predicted to climb during the rest of the week cresting this weekend. 


The video contains clips from throughout the day from the FNB River Camera.


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  • Steven Sipes:

    31 Mar 2019 20:22:00

    It would have been better to watch when the river ice STARTED TO MOVE. Not when it was over!

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