It's A Cube Comeback (video)

08:00 AM May 08, 2018

Brittany Wunderlich, AP Staff Writer


Solving 600 Rubik's Cubes in two days might seem like a challenge, but for the students at Prophetstown High School it was no problem. The school librarian, Mrs. Laura Crisp, is always thinking of new and fun things to add to the library that isn’t necessarily books.


When she heard about an organization called You Can Do the Cube she figured she would apply for a set to have the high school try it out. You Can Do the Cube lets librarians borrow mass amounts of Rubik’s Cubes for free. Mrs. Crisp picked out a mosaic that the students would make with all 600 cubes together.


The first one she chose was The Statue of Liberty, she had no intent of picking another one. “I thought it would take the full three weeks,” Mrs. Crisp explained, “but instead it took two days.” The school received three weeks to use the cubes.


Since the first time around took the students no time at all, Crisp decided to mix it up and challenge the students even more. While doing The Statue of Liberty students were given a picture to refer to when putting it together, but the second time around the students had no idea what the outcome of the new mosaic would be. Instead, they were only given pictures of how each cube had to be solved. In the end it still only took the students two days. The second mosaic produced a beautiful desert sunset.


You Can Do The Cube Website


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