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Lincoln Street behind the Prophetstown Elementary School will become a one-way street to improve the safe arrival and departure of students.

Lincoln To Become One-Way

00:00 AM August 11, 2017

An on-going problem with traffic around the Prophetstown Elementary School prompted the city council to take action at its meeting on Tuesday night.


Prophetstown Elementary School Principal Justin Hovey addressed the Council about his concerns with traffic flow around the school. Vehicles passing buses as they load and unload and traffic congestion in general during student pick-up continue to be a problem. He proposed adding speed bumps on West Third and Lincoln Streets to try and slow traffic. Several options were considered including closing the streets during certain times of the day and adding flashing school zone signs. Hovey said, “Every step we have made has helped, but it’s not where I would like it to be.”


A western view down Lincoln Street.

It was noted that closing streets could cause parking issues for some parents and speed bumps would be costly. After a twenty-minute discussion it was decided to make Lincoln Street, which parallels the back of the school, a one-way street going west bound. Additional school zone signs will also be posted. It is hoped the change will make it safer for students leaving the school grounds at the end of the day.


Sharon Pepin from Community Funding and Planning Services from Stockton, Illinois addressed the Council about services her company provides. Pepin's business helps small communities find grants and low interest loans for infrastructure and other projects. The company currently has contracts with Lyndon, Tampico, and several other area towns. Other services offered include capital improvement plans, TIF districts, and business district development. The cost of the service is based on individual projects. The company is being considered to help find funding for several upcoming infrastructure projects.


Mayor Swanson asked the board to consider an annual percentage increase for water and sewer rates. “Our costs keep going up, up, up” said Swanson. Alderman Danny Baker commented that Prophetstown's rates are very low compared to other local communities. No action was taken


The Council approved an electrical aggregation bid from Constellation Energy for power to the city’s streetlights and lift stations. The contract will run three years.

Police Dept.

  • Approval was given to the police department to purchase three new portable radios. Their current radios will be donated to the Prophetstown ESDA group.
  • The Council also approved their annual donation of $2,500 to ESDA.



Public Works

  • Strikes Electric’s bid of $7,000 to install transfer switches on all the cities lift stations was approved. The new switches will make it much safer and easier to connect portable generators to lift stations if a power outage occurs.
  • Approval was given to scrap an old dump truck that the public works department no longer uses.
  • Bids will be sought for street paving to be done in the alley behind the United Methodist Church and a stretch on Esta Drive.
  • The property located at 203 E. 2nd St., owned by Tim Betts, will be demolished as soon as a sale of the property is completed.
    203 E. 2nd St. should be demolished in the next few weeks.



  • Motion was made to send a request to the zoning board to rezone the parking lot owned by Sterling Multi-Products which is located south of the manufacturing facility. The new owners of the company are requesting the zoning be changed from residential to industrial.


This property on Railroad Street (opened door) will get a
face lift with help from the TIF Fund. 

A request from Brooks Soleta for TIF funds was made. Soleta would like to make outside improvements on his building located at 105 W. Railroad Street. In the past, the Council has funded up to 50% of the costs. The exact amount of funding will be decided at this September meeting.


The Henry C. Adams Library reported they have installed a second phone line in the building. Their summer reading program and farm camp were very successful. They are currently holding a book sale in the basement and the archived editions of the Prophetstown Echo will be taken to Springfield, Illinois and converted into a digital format.

Department Reports August


The council's next meeting is scheduled for Tuesday, September 12 at 7:00 p.m.

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