Lyndon Delivers Recycle Bins

11:30 AM December 13, 2018

Lyndon has started its new recycle program after the public works department recently delivered new recycle bins to residents.  The bins had been in storage for several years in hopes residents would pay the $40 to use them. After only a few were purchased the village decided to raise the garbage fee and provide the containers to all residents. Public Works Director John Wright told the council there is still a need for at least 28 more bins.  The council decided to research the cost of purchasing and delivering additional bins to get the best deal based on need.


Other Board Action:


  • Approved a resolution to to support Illinois Bicentennial celebrations.
  • Approved the 5 year projected budget.
  • Approved an ad in the Prophetstown High School yearbook for $50.
  • Corrected language in a city ordnance that was overlooked when the office of village clerk was made an elected office.


Department Reports:


Public Works- Director John Wright

  • Reminded residents to make sure vehicles are moved from the downtown area after plowable snow.  One car was towed after the recent storm.  He also reminded residents to shovel their walks.
  • There is good chance that URT, which currently collects the E-recycling, will begin charging a fee in 2019 for the service.  He will pass on the information to the board when it is received.
  • The council also gave Wright permission to begin purchasing some of his hardware from Frary's in Prophetstown.  It was determined that making multiple trips to Sterling for some purchases was not cost effective.
  • Reported an unusual hydrant issue at the corner of 4th Ave. and 4th St. The hydrant there had been recently used and
This piece of wooden block found ina Lyndon fire hydrant
is one of the stranger things public
works director John Wright has ever seen
in a water system.

was not closing properly leaving small tricle of water. With cold weather approaching it was decided to replace the hydrant.  After removing it and tearing the hydrant apart, a piece of wood was found wedged in the valve that was preventing its closure. Wright guessed the wood was left in the water line during installation of the water line decades ago.  The piece was part of a 4x4 inch block that was placed over the end of a pipe, which was struck to fit the pipe together.  Wright guessed the block must have broken in half with part of it remaining in the water line. Wright added that the wood did not contaminate the system.    


Police- Chief Mike Fisk

  • Updated the board on progress made on the expansion of the village fire station.  A new septic tank has been installed and the gas line has been moved.
  • The property located at 409 E. Commercial has seen substantial improvement over the past month with the removal of vehicles and debris.
  • Expressed the need for an additional sign to be posted near the village fire department to designate it as a school bus drop off location.  The sign also states that it is illegal for a sex offender to live within 500 feet of the location.


Public Comment-

Lindy Greenwood from the Lyndon Historical Society reported that chapter of the Royal neighbors of America would like ot help the society to raise money to put holiday lights on the Lyndon Bridge.of the bridge.  More information on the project will be forth coming.


The next monthly village meeting  will be held Tuesday, January 8th at 6PM.   

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