Lyndon Display Winners (video)

08:44 AM December 31, 2018

Submitted by the Village of Lyndon


The Winners for this year's Christmas Lighting Display Contest are:     


FIRST PLACE ($75.00)  JERRY & DEB FRANCIS  209 1st Street West   

SECOND PLACE ($50.00)  TOM & DEB TIESMAN  111 1st Street East

THIRD PLACE ($25.00)  GARY & GLYNIS PORT  512 6th Ave. North


Honorable Mentions: 


BECKY & MIKE PIESTER  706 East Commercial

ALICIA & BEAU WETZELL   509 6th Ave. West 

BETTY WOLLESEN          218  2nd Street West


Thank you all for decorating and creating a more festive Lyndon, Illinois!  Please everyone try to get out and view these displays as they will put a smile on your face.  Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to All!!

A big thank you to our judges! We appreciate you taking the time to judge all of the displays! 


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