Lyndon Fire Station Expansion Finds Additional Costs

09:32 AM April 12, 2019

Approximately $8,000 in additional costs were recently discovered in the plans for the addition to the Lyndon Fire Station.  Assistant Chief Arian Landheer told the PFPD Board of Trustees that an increase in the size of a water line and the installation of a septic tank will boost the cost of the project.  The size of the water line was a mistake that was in the original plans, but was just recently discovered.  Landheer said that wording in the plans for the septic tank, which was part of the original design, says that the district is responsible for the purchase and installation. The district was under the impression that the cost for the tank was included in the original bid. Upgrading the pipe will cost $1,579 and the holding tank with alarm, which is required by Whiteside County, will cost $6,383.  Landheer added that another mistake made in the building may prove beneficial to the cost of the project.  The new addition's roof line is eight inches above the current station's roof, which is was not part of the plan. He is setting up a meeting with Valley Construction to determine what can be done about the problem and is hoping for a reduction in the cost of the project.


A discussion was held regarding how to designate donations that are given to the fire district. The district recently received a memorial gift from the estate of Larry Paxton in the amount of $1,000 and district bookkeeper Karen Stewart asked for a clarification on which district accounts the money should be deposited. The consensus was to split the money between the fire service and ambulance service, if the donation is not specifically designated to one or the other.


Chief’s Report- Gerald Armstrong

District responded to 18 calls during the month of March.

New warning lights for unit one are being installed.

Flow tests were completed for all district air packs.

There will be a district retirees’ picnic on June 15 in the Prophetstown State Park.

The new door and keypad entry for the Lyndon boathouse has been installed.

11 teams participated in the district's bowling tournament in Morrison.

The department is still in the running for an equipment grant from FEMA.


Assistant Chief's Report- Arian Landheer

The March training was a self-contained breathing apparatus dodge ball game with 19 firefighters participating.

The April training will be hose operation.



Lyndon Department Report 

The department will be grilling food for Wright's Annual Easter Egg Hunt in Lyndon.

The district pool tournament was held at the Lyndon Station with Hooppole winning the trophy.

A grill has been purchased, which will be raffled off. Tickets will be sold at various community function.s

The shell of the Lyndon expansion has been completed.  The next phase of project will be the plumbing.


Prophetstown Department-Capt. Trever Richmond

Is going to investigate the cost of gear to outfit certified personnel with decontamination suits. That will allow those personnel to be called by other departments if a hazardous material situation develops.


Hooppole Department- Capt. Sheldon Miller

Nothing to report.


Ambulance Service- Director Julie Pope

Responded to 42 calls in the month of March.

EMS week will be celebrated during the week of May 19. An activity will be planned.

The transition of resource hospitals from St. Anthony’s to OSF is still underway.

Looking into purchasing new shirts for EMS crews

The service is planning on holding CPR certification courses for the public in all three district communities in the near future. There will be no charge for the class.

A secondary ambulance crew will be on standby for the upcoming Easter Egg Hunt in Lyndon and for the motorcycle races near Prophetstown.

Prophetstown Police Officer Jerrod Reynolds will be conducting an active shooter class for the service on Monday, April 15. It will be followed up by a secondary live training in cooperation with the school district after the school year ends.

State is requiring new forms to be filled out by EMS crews on each call.

Will be reminding all EMS personnel of the district's social media policy and doing a review of it during their next staff meeting.


Other Board Action

  • Budget is being prepared for presentation at the May meeting.
  • Bids for new firefighter gear were opened and will be awarded at the May meeting.
  • Erin Van Unnik was hired as assistant district bookkeeper at $10 per hour.
  • Adopted a new firefighter incentive pay plan. The plan pays firefighters $10 for monthly trainings, $7 for equipment checks, and $5 for post meeting trainings.


An executive session was held at the conclusion of both the ambulance and fire department meetings to discuss the district's social media policy. No action was taken


The district’s May meeting will be held on Monday 13th at 7 PM.





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