Lyndon To Add Water Fee

13:48 PM May 09, 2018


Lyndon residents will see an increase in their water bills in late summer after village trustees approved a flat rate increase of $4.07 per household. The fee will be used pay off a loan the village is seeking from the Illinois EPA in the amount of $500,000 for various water system projects in the village. Maintenance and updates include painting the water tower, rehab of well # 2, replacement of a water line on 1st Street, and engineering costs.


Mayor Doug Dunlap said he anticipates the village qualifying for a 50% rebate for the loan which is generally given to communities who follow through on the loan process. That would leave the village with approximately $260,000 to repay. After discussion it was determined to add a flat fee to residential water bills in lieu of a usage rate increase. The implementation of the fee will allow the loan to be paid off in 20 years.


The water line on 1st Street has been very problematic over the years, subject to freezing because of its shallow depth.  Dunlap says the new line will be buried on the north side of the street and at a greater depth, which should eliminate the freezing issue.  The line will run between 5th Ave. East and 9th Ave. East.


Approval was given for the quote of $3,900 for the internal cleaning of the water tower, which is not part of the loan, by Midco Diving. An increase was necessary to the original bid of $2,900 due to an anticipated change in the prevailing wage laws in Illinois.


The board approved the hiring of McClure Engineering Associates to do the specifications for the water tower and well improvements.



Veterans Memorial

Trustees discussed the construction of additional sidewalk around the Veterans Memorial located in front of village hall. Public works director John Wright proposed that the new walk physically connect to the wall to allow wheelchair users the ability to touch the monument. A motion was passed to allow up to $1,000 for the project.

Additional sidewalk will be placed around the 
Lyndon Veterans Memorial.

A coating of sealant on the top of the foundation of the Memorial is deteriorating and will be removed. A decision will be made in the future about a replacement material.


Trash Issue

Dunlap said there have been issues with people going through garbage cans and creating a mess on private property. Discussion was held as to whether a new ordinance should be enacted that would address the problem. Trustee Gary Sutton voiced the opinion that writing up a new ordinance would do nothing to solve the problem. “I don’t think it’s a good idea. For what it costs us to write it up, vote it, pass it, and enforce it, we won’t get a nickel on the dollar out of this.” “Were not gettin' nothing out of this courthouse up here.” “It’s a joke.” Sutton was speaking about what he feels is a lack of enforcement of the penalties for village ordinance violations. The village will use current ordinances to try and deal with the problem.


Approval was given to move the finance committee meeting to Wednesday, May 23.


The parking lot at Village Hall needs resealing and some repair which will require removing and replacing some sections. Motor fuel tax funds will be used to pay for the project that will cost approximately $6,300.


Public Works


  • Approval was given to replace the box on the village’s 1-ton truck for $650 and to purchase a tire and rim to be used as a spare for the department’s F-550.
  • A new winter reflective code was approved for purchase for employee Jake Chapman.
  • $1,200 was approved for removal of two trees and the trimming of a third.
  • The village currently has a waiting list for dumpsters that can be rented to residents. The department is hoping to obtain additional dumpsters in the near future.
  • Clarification was given about the village’s utility bills. The letters REF that appear on the bill is an $11 recycling fee not a garbage fee.
  • The fire department has asked for some additional fire hydrants to be installed at various locations. Wright is planning to install two this year and will meet with PFPD Fire Chief Gerald Armstrong to determine best locations for future installations.


Police Department


  • Village police chief Mike Fisk said registration for golf carts and utility vehicles has been slow so far this year and he is planning on going to the River’s Edge Retreat on May 19 to hopefully get additional vehicles registered.
  • Firefighters are planning on a training on May 20.
  • Alan Bush requested a permit for outdoor music on June 16 along with a closure of 1st Avenue from 10 AM until 4 PM for a tractor show. The permit was approved.


A reminder that the village wide garage sale is Saturday, May 19 with village cleanup day Monday, May 21.


The next Village Trustee meeting will be Tuesday, June 12 at 6:00 p.m.


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