Signs have been posted and gates erected to keep people off of a road that leads to Lyndon’s Municipal burn pile and a UTV trail.

Lyndon Trail Closed

10:03 AM January 10, 2019

The Lyndon Board of Trustees met for their monthly meeting on Tuesday and were informed of a change in land ownership that has some residents upset.  Public Works Director John Wright informed the trustees that the property where the city burn pile is located, on the eastern edge of the village, is under new ownership. The land owned by Don Amery was purchased by Sam Wancket who owns G2 Ergonomics whose company building adjoined Amery's property.


An entrance to the UTV trail off of 10th
Avenue East has been barricaded.

The tract of land is also the home to a trail used by local UTV enthusiasts to access the River's Edge Campground.   The new owner has erected locked gates on the road leading to the burn pile property to keep it secure and has also closed a second access point to the ATV trail just south of the Prophetstown Park District ball diamonds on 10th Avenue East.  That barrier has already had to be repaired as vandals broke the lock securing the barrier. Wancket has told village officials he will allow the village to continue to use the burn pile as long as there are no problems and that he will try to accommodate UTV owners in the future, but for now the property is off-limits.


Board Action

  • Approved the purchase of 50  new recycle bins for $2,493 from Toter Co.
  • Approved combining Water and Garbage Department financial CDs and a General fund CDs into a 60-month CD at a 3.1% interest rate. The move will increase the interest rate of the CDs.
  • Approved the continuation of Gerry Halpin from Halpin and Associates to continue to process W-2s for village employees for 2018.
  • Approved two new signs to be posted at a school bus pickup and drop-off point near the village’s fire department. The signs also state that it is illegal for a sex offender to live within 500 feet of the location.
  • Gave permission to Public Works Director John Wright to attend the Illinois State Water Convention in Springfield.
  • Approved up to $1,400 for materials to fix roof leaks at the village's public works building. Wright added that the building is in serious need of replacement.
  • Approved up to $100 for electrical conduit to add electric outlets on the historic bridge to make the lighting of the bridge for the holidays easier. The installation will be done by volunteers.


Department Reports


Public Works- John Wright

Told the trustees the village's backhoe had received an inspection and needs some repairs. Wright will compile a prioritized list for the trustees to approve at a future meeting.


Reminded residents to be aware of the possibility of freezing water lines as temperatures fall and take precautions as needed.


There was also a brief discussion about how to best handle flushing dead end water lines in the village. No action was taken.


Mike Fisk-Police Chief


Is continuing to work on code enforcement, specifically derelict vehicles. He hopes to have a few vehicles moved off of a property within the next week.


The junkyard on Commercial Street has agreed to repair a fence.


Contacted the owner at 201 5th Ave. W. to repair and replace doors and windows on the house. The owner responded saying they would take care of the problem.


The trustees next monthly meeting will be held on Tuesday, February 12 at 6:00 PM. 




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