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Bear’s Showtown U.S.A. in Lyndon will no longer have outdoor music.

Lyndon Trustees Amend Noise Ordinance

00:00 AM August 10, 2017

The Lyndon Village Board of Trustees met on Tuesday for their regularly scheduled monthly meeting.  Two items on the agenda drew a larger than normal crowd to the meeting.


An amendment to the Village’s noise ordinance was put to a final vote after two months of discussion. Changes proposed to the noise ordinance include limiting outdoor music to three events per year per requester, a $25 permit fee, with an exemption for the Lyndon Bridge Bash. The change was brought before the council after receiving multiple complaints from residents about the outdoor music at Bear’s Showtown U.S.A. in downtown Lyndon. Trustee Becky Piester expressed her concern with the changes especially limiting the permits to three per year.


Local musician Brian Wilson addressed the council saying he felt the change would limit the monetary income for Lyndon. Three other residents also told the council they were disappointed with the decision.


Mayor Doug Dunlap said, “The people who live here are tired of hearing it every Sunday afternoon. We are not limiting live music, you can have all the live music you want, we are just not going to allow it outdoors.” “I talk to a lot of people who live here and pay taxes and they are tired of it.” The change specifically affects liquor license holders and will not prevent other events from having music, specifically the Lyndon Bridge Bash and the annual car show.


Trustee D.J. Sikkema said, “We have changed an ordinance before and I’m not saying this is going to be the be all end all, this is it." “I have seen a number of ordinances changed both ways since I’ve been on for eight years.” The ordinance was passed by a 5-1 vote.



Lyndon is hoping to purchase this riverfront property.

The board decided to submit a bid to the county for property located along the Rock River at the corner of 1st St. and 2nd Ave. West. The property is currently owned by Whiteside County due to unpaid taxes. The Council approved a seal bid of up to $2,000 to purchase the property. Board President Doug Dunlap said he is concerned that even though the property cannot be developed, because of its size, he does not want someone to park a camper or other vehicle on the parcel. The village has maintained the property for a number of years. He added if the village does get the property he hopes they can do some upgrades that will make the river more accessible to the public for canoes, kayaks, and boaters. There will be no funds spent on the property this year if the village is successful with its bid.


These two trees will be removed to make way
for improvements to the sidewalk and drainage
in front of the Lyndon Post Office.

Several public works projects were discussed including seeking funding options for a water main and storm sewer extension project. A public survey was recently completed by the Community Funding and Planning Services Company hired by the village to find grants and loans for major projects.


A bid was accepted to remove two large trees located north of the village post office. One is causing sidewalk issues in front of the post office the other is growing into power lines. S.A.W Tree Removal from Erie, Illinois will use a crane to take the trees down at a cost of $3,000.00.


In a special meeting on Wednesday night the trustees approved up to $12,000 to repair water well #2. Public Works Director John Wright said he believed one of the check valves in the system is restricting the flow from the well. It normally pumps about 12,000 gallons per hour, but is currently providing only half that amount. He said there is not a water issue yet, but wants to get the problem resolved in case something was to happen to well #1. Work is scheduled to begin next Tuesday.


The board's next meeting is scheduled for Tuesday, September 12 at 6:00 p.m.

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  • Chris Scholl:

    13 Aug 2017 11:31:00

    The bar owners pay taxes too. Total hogwash. You got a bunch of old dusty fuddy duddies complaints and they all cry over the noise. How bout you just shut your windows and turn the air on from 2 – 6 on Sunday afternoon you little cry babies

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