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KWQC-TV Meteorologist Kevin Phelps talked about his career on Thursday at Tampico Elementary School.

Meteorologist Visits TES (photos)

00:00 AM November 10, 2017

Students at Tampico Elementary School were treated to a visit from KWQC- TV Meteorologist Kevin Phelps on Thursday morning.


Principal Jim Geer had invited Phelps to the East Coloma School when Geer was there teaching fifth grade. He thought the visit made quite an impression on the students and decided he would ask Phelps to visit Tampico.


Phelps spent about 30 minutes with two different groups of students as he presented a PowerPoint talking about his career as a meteorologist. He told the students that his interest in hurricanes that occurred when he lived in Norfolk, Virginia led him to his career.


Phelps has been with Channel 6 for 7 years and can currently be seen on the morning show which runs Monday through Friday from 4:30 to 7 a.m.


Part of his presentation was dedicated to answering student questions about the weather. He was able to handle most of the questions which included: How do tornadoes form? How much snow will we get? Where do you go during a tornado? But, had a little trouble with, Who was the first meteorologist?!


The students enjoyed the time with Phelps and each class posed for pictures with their famous guest at the end of the assembly.



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