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(l-r) Sam Perschnick and Sara Conner, advisors; Hailey Mickelson and her mother Denise Mickelson

Mickelson Receives State Award

10:07 AM June 13, 2018

Members of the Prophetstown-Lyndon-Tampico FFA Chapter are attending the organization's state convention this week in Springfield.  The 90th annual event will host more than 5,000 other FFA members, advisors, and guests.


During the three day convention state awards are presented.  This year the Agricultural Education State Proficiency Winner was PLT chapter president, Hailey Mickelson who is the daughter of Denise Mickelson of Tampico.


For her Supervised Agricultural Experience (SAE), Hailey was a teacher's assistant at her high school and taught units in two Introduction to Agriculture courses under the guidance of her teacher. Over the years, Hailey has worked closely with approximately 80 students and has recently started the Growing Agricultural Science Teachers (GAST) internship. She works closely in planning and facilitating with Agriculture in the Classroom and works with her middle school's Ag Club.


Hailey is grateful her SAE allowed her to grow and she is excited to pursue a career in agricultural education. The Agricultural Education State Proficiency Award is sponsored by Illinois Agriculture in the Classroom.

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