MWAH! Visits PHS (video / photos)

00:00 AM April 19, 2018

Due to a cancellation in their schedule PHS and PLTMS students were treated to a 90 minute show by the MWAH! performing arts troupe on Monday.  The troupe called the school when the opening occurred and through the quick work of staff and a generous donation by the Farmers National Bank, the group returned for the second time in three years. 


"MWAH! is an experience that delivers inspirational messages of hope and love from young people to young people, empowering them with the knowledge, courage, and strength to deal with life’s challenges. Through words, music, and dance, we are changing lives and saving lives, one performance at a time!"  MWAH! Website


The group travels the state during the school year performing 2 – 3 times a month. Members not only recite stories of life changing events about other teenagers, but several have been either the victim or closely associated with victims of teenage tragedies. Topics presented included religious and racial discrimination, drug addiction, youth suicide, bullying, and abusive situations. The common thread through all of the topics discussed is, “Tell someone.”


The group incorporated several local students into its performance and specifically honored six heroes.





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