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00:00 AM April 01, 2017

Submitted by Valorie Armstrong

From a Firefighter's Wife

First of all I want you all to know I for one will be so glad when this is over! I have been a part of the Prophetstown Fire Protection District family for over 29 years and I haven’t seen anything that has divided an organization as much as this has. It is very disappointing to see and hear some of the things that are being said. Personal feelings have no business in politics. This is not to endorse any one candidate. I just think everyone should know some of the things I think about.


First and most importantly the safety of our firefighters. When Bill Jacobs was on as our Chief, we had poor gear for our firefighters. He purchased a low grade quality of gear to “save money” for the district. These guys are all volunteers putting their lives on the line at each and every call they deserve the best not the least expensive. Money isn’t everything, especially to the significant other who is waiting for their loved one to come home from a call


When Bill Jacobs was on a Chief, he ordered the fire trucks with little or no input from others. Since he has retired there has been a truck committee formed, at the suggestion of Lyle Armstrong. Now all three stations have designees who have input on the firetrucks. All three stations designees go to where the truck is being built to look at specs, design etc. When Bill Jacobs was on his primary concern was Prophetstown Fire Station.


We now do things as a district, ALL THREE STATIONS. We have had Christmas parties, picnics and social gatherings all together. We are one not three. We respond to each other’s calls immediately. When Bill Jacobs was on he had Lyndon and Hooppole stations wait for him to call them if he needed them. I’m not a farmer or have a big building in the country but I can tell you if I did I would want them all rolling to be safe and not sorry! Ten minutes makes the difference between saving and losing a building.


When Bill Jacobs was on the wives did not feel comfortable at the stations do to being belittled by Bill. His attitude toward the firefighters and their spouse was unwarranted. Now you see the spouses helping at all the Fire District functions. I want Trustees that are there for ALL the stations. I like many of you know people or have family in all three towns. I want to know they are all safe and provided for equally. I want the district to stay as one and not divided back into three different stations.


I want our firefighters to be safe and to have input on equipment they need. Who knows better than them! I want my family to stay together and not be divided! Therefore I will NOT be voting for Bill Jacobs on April 4th and for my family I am encouraging you to NOT vote for him also. We are a good organization here to help the communities we all live in. I am sorry if the negativity brought on by a few has put any doubt in your mind. When you need them they will be there as a family to help your family!


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  • Jan Hill:

    03 Apr 2017 14:51:00

    Sorry to see so much controversy on this site.

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