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Park District Approves Upgrades

00:00 AM November 29, 2017

Several new upgrades were approved for the park district by the Board of Commissioners at their November meeting.


  • A new security camera system was approved from Audio-Video Connection in Dixon, Illinois in the amount of $4,782. The system is wireless and will consist of 12 cameras including one for the parking lot.
  • Approval was also given to resurface the floor of the lobby and the locker rooms at a cost of $13,405 from TSR Concrete Coatings.
  • Funds of up to $13,000 were approved for the purchase of new lockers, benches, and hand dryers for the locker rooms.

In other financial action the commissioners approved $125,000 in general obligation bonds. The amount has remained constant for the past several years. The board also approved a draft of the annual tax levy.


It was pointed out by Board President Jason Taylor that the financial status of the district is excellent, with no debt and a slight lowering of the tax levy for next year.


During her report Executive Director Karen Sommers-Buck said the Park District and Recreational Management Association’s loss control review process has been completed. The district was given a score based on the physical condition of the facility and knowledge and certification of the staff. The score went from 89% efficient to 92% after the most recent review. The score also means the district will only be reviewed once every four years instead of annually in addition to an annual $1,000 insurance rebate for scoring above a 90%.


Sommers-Buck reported that the school board did discuss in some detail the park board’s proposal for the land swap but took no action at its October meeting.


The district will also be mailing out a new survey to their membership seeking input on the satisfaction with the current facilities and classes and asking for suggestions for changes.


An updated inter-governmental agreement was sent to the PLT #3 School District for their input and will then be sent to the district’s lawyer for approval.


The board's next meeting is scheduled for Wednesday, December 20th at 7:00.



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  • Andy Niccoli:

    30 Nov 2017 14:49:00

    KUDOS to the Prophetstown Park District Board. I don’t know many tax supported entities that can include such positive statements in their meeting minutes as “the financial status of the district is excellent, with no debt and a slight lowering of the tax levy for next year”. Thanks to the board members and the management of the Park District for being such great stewards of our tax dollars!

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