Pat's Table "It's Just Amazing" (video)

00:00 AM March 27, 2018

Three months into the fifth year of the Pat's Table Ministry, Executive Director Larry Stewart simply says, "This is amazing," when asked about the success of the weekly meal.


On Monday night the ministry celebrated the serving of its 25,000th meal since it began in January of 2013.  About 100 people enjoyed a dinner of ham, potatoes, fresh green beans, and a desert including a cake to celebrate the occasion.  Several local businesses donated door prizes for the celebration including coffee cakes from Prophetstown's newest business owner Dave Barajas and his wife Maria.


The community meal began on January 14, 2013 in memory of Stewart's wife Pat who spent her life as a teacher and local librarian, before succumbing to cancer.  Stewart says the ministry continues to thrive with hundreds of people donating their time and money to the weekly gathering.


Over the years there have been tweaks to keep the program running efficiently while maintaining the small army of volunteers, and the endless need for food stuffs to prepare each Monday night.


In an interview Stewart talks about the past 5 years and thanks the countless individuals who have made the ministry a huge success.   




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