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PES students got a lesson in how to milk a cow at their Farm Day.

Photos -Farm Day

00:00 AM April 28, 2017

As a way to count down the end of school year Prophetstown Elementary School is having Alphabet Days. Each day a letter of the alphabet is used to designate a special activity. On Thursday the school held (F)arm Day.


With the help of the PLT FFA Chapter and the Hume Happy Hustlers 4-H Club, students were given opportunities to learn about farming and the agricultural industry. The high school had eight students helping, with several from the middle school as well.


The day was altered a bit as the wet weather prevented the kids from experiencing a petting zoo and farm equipment from Birkey's Farm Store in Prophetstown.


The PES students did get to hear stories about farms, milk a "cow", learn about farm safety, find out about 4-H, and other farm related activities.


The day was organized by teachers Teri Bealer and Carrie Schwindlein along with paraprofessionals Haily Huizenga and Deb Roselieb.  

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