PLT FFA Chapter members show off their new jackets. Ft row; Ashtynn Forward, Madison Orlando, Rubey Gallentine, Makenzie Glassburn Bk row: Clayton Johnson, Max Jones, Tyler Smith

PLT FFA Is Stylin'

13:02 PM May 03, 2018

Farm communities are familiar with the dark blue coats that are worn by members of FFA.  The jackets are emblazoned with the FFA symbol and the name of the chapter and on the front the members name.  In a sense, it is the official uniform of the organization.


New jackets for the local FFA Chapter are being
subsidized by the Farmers National Bank.

However what is unique to the jackets is that they are student purchased as opposed to an athletic, band, or choir uniform.  While they are not required, members do attend certain events where the jacket is required along with the official tie or scarf.


A basic jacket runs about $50 with a special fit version that goes for $80.  Past practice has been to have students purchase the jackets on their own with occasional small grants available to help with the cost.  After hearing about the cost incurred by students the Prophetstown Farmers National Bank has stepped in to help.


On Wednesday, FNB Executive Vice President Garett Plumley and Asst. Vice President Megan Thompson presented the chapter with a donation of $875 to help lighten the burden on the chapter members.  "We have been asking them how we could help out," said Thompson, "when they hit on the idea of the jackets."

Megan Thompson and Garett Plumley present their donation to
FFA chapter advisor Sam Perschnick.

The money will be used to buy a set of 10 jackets for future use and the rest to help out current members.  Often members will grow out of or wear out their jacket during their high school career and need a replacement.  The chapter has continued to grow and thrive since the addition of sponsors Sara Conner and Sam Peschnick.


The bank is highly invested with the farming community and is always seeking ways to support tomorrows' Ag professionals.  



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