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Prophetstown's Headless Horseman

00:00 AM October 30, 2017

It's not everyday you see a headless horseman riding up and down Prophetstown's Main Street, but on Monday several people saw exactly that.  Brianne Kokemuller a new resident to the the Prophetstown area decided she would introduce herself and her horse Storm to the community in a slightly strange way.


The Headless Horseman rides down
Prophetstown's Main Street on Monday afternoon.

Last year Kokenmuller, while living near Walnut, decided she would treat the town to a scare around Halloween.  It was well received , so she decided to continue the tradition in Prophetstown.


A former resident of Denver, she worked for a company the gave carriage rides in the downtown area.  After several years and before leaving to come back to the Midwest she was given the opportunity to buy Storm and did.


Kokenmuller said she just came up with the idea of the portraying the fabled Halloween legend and enjoys getting plenty of stares as people watch her ride by.  She is much nicer that the actual horseman as she carries candy to give out to her admirers.





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