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Public's Help Needed (video)

00:00 AM November 07, 2017

Lyndon Police Chief Mike Fisk is asking for the public's help in identifying a car involved in a residential burglary.  The crime was committed on Tuesday, October 17th and was caught on a surveillance camera located near the residence where the crime was committed.


Lyndon resident Brian Gaylord reported the break-in and theft of 40 inch flat screen TV and a small lock box.  The crime was committed at 1:20 p.m. at 203 E. 2nd Ave East and was carried out by a slender white male wearing jeans and a t-shirt.


The video shows a brown/maroon late model Chevy Equinox pull up to the front of the residence with the suspect/driver exiting the vehicle and entering the house through the front door.  Approximately 4 minutes later the suspect is seen leaving the house through the same door carrying the TV and placing it in the vehicle.  He then returns to the house and emerges about 1 minute later carrying a small box.  The suspect then re-enters the vehicle and drives a way.


The car has a donut tire on the passenger rear wheel.


If you have any information please contact the Lyndon Police Department (815) 778-4484 or the Whiteside County Sheriff's Department (815) 772-4044 


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