The second grade classes with their donations for patients at Peoria Children’s Hospital.

RAK Week Celebrated

15:06 PM April 19, 2019

Submitted by Molly Morse


A "Warm Fuzzy" was given
for completed RAK missions.

Molly Morse is a big advocate of Radom Acts of Kindness and wanted to share that sentiment with the second grade classes at Prophetstown Elementary School. Morse and Michelle Buri's classes did so by celebrating RAK Week. 


One project was to collect donations for the "Almost Home" children at OSF Peoria Children's Hospital that Morse and Buri delivered.

The students also made agamograph posters (An agamograph is a painting or drawing that, when viewed from different angles, reveals a different image) that they hung at the Prophetstown Casey's and Post Office) that said, "In a world where you can be anything, be kind."

The classes developed their stealth skills by sneaking into other classrooms and leaving candy on the students' desks.


The students were also given top secret kindness missions to complete at school and at home. If they completed them, they earned a "warm fuzzy". 

Morse said,"Although Random Act of Kindness Week is over, the students are still doing "RAK's" every day and noticing it when others do them as well. It warms my heart that they are being kind because it "makes them feel good!" (their words)


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