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RCIA Program Returning

00:00 AM September 22, 2017

Submitted by Fr. Toni Kretowicz


Submitted by Fr. Toni Kretowicz


RCIA Program To Return


Father Toni Kretowicz, pastor at St. Catherine and St. Ambrose churches would like to announce the return of the RCIA program. The program is designed for those interested in joining the Catholic Church.


Every year the Catholic Church welcomes thousands of new members in a process known as Right of Christian Initiation for Adults. Through the RCIA process men, women, and children come to know the presence of God in their lives and grow deeper in the Catholic faith and enter into full communion with the Roman Catholic Church.


Sometimes those of us who have been Catholic our whole lives forget to offer an invitation to others who may be interested in becoming Catholic. Extending an invitation to relatives, friends, and neighbors, in a gentle way, might be just the opportunity they are waiting for. Even if they are not ready today we may have planted a seed that will grow and bloom into a decision sometime in the future.




Let us invite: those may be searching, those who have never been baptized Catholics, those who have been baptized in the Catholic faith, but did not receive first communion a confirmation, those who have been away from the church for a while, those who’s been baptizing another Christian tradition and are now interested in the Catholic faith.


If you or someone you know would like to become part of our CIA, please contact the parish office in Prophetstown at 815-537-2077 or the parish office in Erie 309-659-2781.

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