The final touches are put on Rock River Lumber and Grain’s newest storage bin in Prophetstown.

Rock River Grain Adds Bins (photos)

15:16 PM November 07, 2018

As harvest season winds down, space to store the crop generally becomes an issue, especially when you are looking at record yields. Rock River Lumber and Grain in Prophetstown just completed construction of a new 580,000 bushel storage bin last week at their site near Rt. 78 and the Rock River.  Manager Carey Bauer says that it will take about 600 semi loads to fill it.  The astonishing fact is that the company will have it nearly full by the end of this week. Bauer says that the bin was on the drawing board last February, but that poor weather and demand kept the construction crew from starting it until the beginning of October.


According to Bauer this year saw a record number of acres dedicated to beans in the area.  The bean yield also was record breaking as farmers reported from 60 to as much as 90 bushels per acre. Knowing that additional beans would be harvested, the company also built an additional bin for beans at it rail facility in Sterling.  That bin has a capacity of 600,000 bushels.

Local farmers have just about completed the harvest.


Most area crops have been harvested after what initially appeared to be one of the earliest and quickest harvests ever, until a rainy spell kept s farmers out of the fields for over a week.  Had the weather held, many farmers would have been done around Halloween.  Bauer says the harvest generally takes about seven weeks to complete. 





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