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School Board Hears Report Card

00:00 AM November 29, 2017

The Prophetstown-Lyndon-Tampico School Board met in a much-anticipated November meeting to decide on whether to co-op all athletic activities with the Erie School District. The board approved the measure after hearing last-minute public input and discussion. The complete story on the co-op vote can be found on around at this link.


During her monthly report PLT Teachers’ Association President, Chrissy Barton-Howard, spoke to the board for over 12 minutes citing the many activities, programs, and communications that district teachers are involved in on a regular basis. Normally the report lasts 1 to 2 minutes. She ended her comments by saying that the list reflected reasons why students should want to attend the PLT #3 School District. Comments were made at last month's meeting by board members during discussions of a possible co-op high school that Erie would have no reason to join in such a venture.


Board member Kim Purvis said she had reached out to the teachers’ association to clarify her comments saying she was referring to Erie’s financial status in terms of saying students from their district would not want to attend PLT #3 and was not referring to the quality of the district’s teaching staff. She went on to say she believes the district has great teachers and supports them in any way she can.


When asked about the reason for the lengthy presentation, Association President Chrissy Barton responded by saying,” The teachers are proud of our schools and our students and their achievements.” The teachers’ union and the district will begin contract negotiations in the spring.


Superintendent Chad Colmone commented after the presentation,” We are very fortunate to have the teachers that we have and none of these accomplishments would be possible without them. I have seen our teachers go beyond the academics many times to look at the student as a whole child. They have been a great group to work with and the leadership has been very collaborative to work with as well.”


Committee Reports

Board of Control (Co-op) - details from this report can be found in the story on the approval of the co-op on at this link.


Personnel Committee - Extra trip pay was discussed for bus drivers. Restructuring of noncertified personnel salaries. Reviewed updating job descriptions for district personnel. Decided to create a position that would be split between athletic director duties and athletic grounds maintenance.


Buildings and Grounds - Discussed the fire alarm system at the high school and water treatment for the boilers in the heating system. Plans for a possible renovation of the football concession stand was discussed. A list of priorities and maintenance projects for district facilities will be made.


State Board Convention - Four of the board members attended the state school board convention in Chicago and reported on various sessions they attended. Ryan Inskeep said the cost for those attending was reduced this year as some members only attended part of the convention.


Board member James Melton attended a session that addressed the fact that committee meetings need to have recorded minutes and agendas posted moving forward. He also suggested that committees should consist of more than two board members so that violations of the open meetings act do not occur when two of the members have a chance meeting.


Superintendent’s Report-

  • Forms that will determine the evidence-based funding from the state of Illinois have been completed.
  • A tentative levy is being completed with a possible increase of 4.88%.
  • The Regional Office of Education has completed most of its audit of the district facilities.
  • An updated intergovernmental agreement with the Prophetstown Park District is being reviewed by legal counsel. Inskeep also said the district needs to get together with the park district to decide about the proposed property transaction.
  • Met with Prophetstown High School Principal Josh Johnson, the Erie School District Superintendent and Erie High School principal to discuss possible academic program sharing for next school year.
  • Thank you to all those involved in the district's Veterans Day programs.


Superintendent Colmone gave a brief overview of the recently released ISBE district report card. The full report can be found on the district’s website at this link..


Highlights included:

  • approximately 50% of our students are in the low-income category
  • district enrollment continues to decline
  • standardized test scores are increasing
  • freshmen on track numbers has increased to 90% from 73% four years ago
  • the achievement gap continues to narrow between low income students and non-low-income students.


In other action the board approved payment to district bus drivers for route pay they were giving up to take trips for extracurricular activities. Currently a driver would not receive route pay if they did not run their route in order to take an extracurricular trip. This was done to encourage drivers to take on additional trips.

The selection of the district calendar for next school year will be reviewed and approved at the December meeting. Input was given by district teachers and staff in creating the calendar.


Principals' Reports November


During executive session the following actions were taken:


Damian DeMay - Football Coach 

Mike Chance - Football Coach

Peggy Wetzell - Athletic Director Secretary



Rebecca Lackas - Asst. Cook

Angela Glassburn - Athletic Director

Asst. Athletic Director/ Athletic Grounds - No hire.


The board's next monthly meeting is scheduled for Monday, December 18th at 6:30. 

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