PLTMS 6th grader Drew Milnes enjoys relaxing in the latest addition to the school’s library.

School Library Week Celebrated (photos)

11:33 AM April 16, 2019

Laura Crisp has a love for reading that she loves to share with students in the PLT #3 School District. The District Media Center Director is constantly looking for ways to connect with students and draw them into the district’s libraries. The goals she says,"To get students to check out a book!"  During her tenure circulation rates have increased dramatically in all district libraries. Last week the schools celebrated School Library Week with a number of activities.


(l-r) Principal Keith Stewart, Music Teacher Katie Thurlby,
and Easton Forward enjoy the new seating in the PLTMS Library. 

Both the high school and middle school libraries held several contests to guess the number of treats in various containers with the winners receiving books. Students earned chances at prizes by visiting the libraries during the week.


Crisp has also continued to improve the environment in the libraries by adding various new types of seating and lighting. The PLT Middle School library recently received a makeover with a shipment of beanbag chairs and high-top tables to go along with previously purchased gliders and yoga balls, and the students seem to love it.


“I like the new comfy chairs because I can do my work and focus better.” said sixth-grader Drew Milnes. Seventh grader Sidney Schwartz said she visits the library at least three times a day to read and do homework. “I really like the rocking chairs and it’s just fun to hang out in the library.” She added that the staff is very good about letting students visit the facility to relax and find a quiet place to study.


PLTMS School Library Week winners, (l-r)  Joslynn Skinner, Chloe Slock,
Sonya Huffstutler, Avery Olinger, Drew Milnes, Trevor Dennison, Sydney Schwartz.  

Crisp said the glider chairs in the middle school library were in a corner and not utilized. With the new configuration there is much more space for the chairs and they are constantly in use. “Students know the library is a quiet zone at the middle school and they take advantage of that when they need to get away from the stress of a noisy environment,” said Crisp. Funds to pay for the chairs and other improvements came from Scholastic Book Sales and community donors.


The high school library continues to be a place were students gather to study, play games. read and even drink a hot beverage.  Crisp introduced a single serve coffee/hot chocolate machine this year to the center, again with the hopes of attracting students.


High school students who participated in the celebration's contests won gift cards to local businesses and treats.



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