Avery Olinger and Kennedy Sommers-Buck prepare to share gifts with the residents at the Good Samaritan Prophets Riverview Center as part of their gift giving project.

Scrunchie Project Bring Smiles To Dozens (video)

11:32 AM December 28, 2018

Avery Olinger and Kennedy Sommers-Buck missed a few hours of school during the last week of classes before Winter break. You might think they were trying to get a jump on their classmates by starting break early, but actually they were working toward the culmination of a project they began in November.  


Away from school the two were in the basement of the Prophetstown United Methodist Church wrapping gifts for fourteen children for whom  they had purchased presents.  Each child received about $100 in Christmas wishes from the pair, which is very generous and of course extremely expensive, but the 7th graders were fine with that.  In fact, it is exactly what they wanted to do for Christmas, gift those who may get very little or perhaps be totally forgotten.  That was something that Avery said has driven her the past three Christmas seasons to earn money to ensure a Merry Christmas for as many people as possible.




A few years ago Avery's family adopted a local family that was in need for holiday gifts.  The gesture made a huge impact on her, so much so that the following year she earned money so she could spread good cheer on her own.  She recruited her best friend Kennedy to help her with the project and this year the two made hundreds of hair scrunchies, which they sold on-line.  The pair earned enough to not only take care of the fourteen children, but also to purchase multiple gifts for every resident in Good Samaritan's Prophet Riverview Center.


They were nice enough to let Aroundptown.com tag along as they spread good cheer to all the residents at Good Sam  last week.


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  • Darla Corbin:

    28 Dec 2018 12:25:00

    Such a Beautiful Story!! Thank you Girls!

  • Tom Green:

    29 Dec 2018 18:18:00

    This is so great! I don’t need hair scrunchies but I’ll take some anyway. Way to go girls!

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