A card was left for Steve Kuelper on his wife’s grave, where he visits everyday.

Seeking “Epic” Kate

14:22 PM November 30, 2018


Over the past month in Prophetstown, someone has been secretly leaving cards for various people wishing them an “epic day” and signing it "Kate". The list of recipients continues to grow but no one seems to know who the giver is.


Steve Kuelper, who lost his wife Peggy to cancer in June, visits her grave every day in Prophetstown’s Riverside Cemetery. A few days ago, when he stopped, he found an envelope with a card inside wishing him an “Epic Thanksgiving” and a $10 gift card for Casey’s. Steve said whoever left the card obviously knows he visits Peggy’s grave every day and he was deeply touched by the gesture. He said he would like to know who “Kate” is, so he could thank her.


Brenda Dessing, who works at Rock Valley Physical Therapy in Prophetstown, recently found a card on her desk upon returning from lunch. Her boss told her a woman walked in and placed the card on Brenda’s desk and left. Dessing said she knows of at least two other people who have received notes as well, along with gift cards.


The simple gesture has brought a smile to the face of each receiver with Dessing saying,” I was surprised. I thought Kate? Who’s Kate? I checked Facebook to see if I had any friends with “Kate” as a name and couldn’t find anyone.” She went on to say that she is wondering if someone is “Paying It Forward. “I think it’s really neat, but I don’t think anyone will come forward to claim the gesture,” she added.


To Kate, who ever and where ever you are, the people who received your cards want you know that it “made their day” as one said, and they want to say, Thank You!

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  • Barb and Mike Sage:

    30 Nov 2018 16:49:00

    We received a card also. I did not discover it until Friday Nov. 23 and was very puzzeled by the kind gesture. It was placed between the two doors on our front porch.

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