Tampico Author Returns Home (photos)

10:24 AM December 24, 2018

Photos Courtesy Courtney Rico


Tampico Elementary students were recently treated to a visit by the author of a new children’s book titled "Lily the Ladybug". The author, Pam (Dobbeke) Tobler, was thrilled to be invited to the school as she is a 1975 alumnus of Tampico High School.


Tobler lives in Rochelle, Illinois and spent several years working in an elementary school library where she came up with the idea to write the book. “I just decided, I could do that,” said the author of her decision to begin working on the short story. Lily sprang up from her experiences on her family farm, which is depicted in illustrations throughout the book.

Current TES teacher Melodie Fritsch and Tobler were friends during their school years and both graduated from Tampico High School. Fritsch decided to invite Tobler to the school to share her work with several classrooms.


The story revolves around Lily, a ladybug, who has lost her spots.  She asks the reader to help find her spots in various settings on each page. Tobler describes the book as fun, bright, and interactive, helping the reader practice their counting skills and good manners.


Of her publishing experience Tobler said “It’s been fun and the kids love it, but publishing is a very long process.” She began the project eight years ago and worked with several illustrators until finally finding one that grasped her concept. The Tampico native finally decided to self-publish the work and has been selling it by word-of-mouth and on the Internet.Tobler received her finished product in early November and has been visiting schools and doing book signings since.


You can contact Tobler at lilytheladybug18@yahoo.com to get information on how to purchase a copy of the work.



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