"To Help The Earth" (photos)

23:23 PM May 16, 2018

It was easy to see that the late arrival of normal spring weather was greatly appreciated by a group of young ladies as they darted around the Prophetstown State Park on Tuesday afternoon.  The girls, members of Girl Scout Troops # 2171 and #2149, were tasked with the duty of picking up trash in the park.


The girls ranging from K-3rd grade grabbed their garbage bags and pink hats and roamed the park in search of litter.  They will receive a Park Clean-up badge for the efforts and perhaps more importantly learn the importance of keeping our world clean. "If we have too much garbage the Earth will get killed," said Alyiah, when asked why the scouts were picking up trash.


The group gathered the bags and then posed for a picture with their accomplishment and were treated to pizza for their efforts.  The two troops represent Lyndon, Tampico, and Prophetstown.  Their leaders are Tracy Finch for Troop #2149 and Tiffany Soleta for Troop #2171.



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